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 LIG A 37, HMTV Lane,
 Dr. A.S. Rao Nagar,
 Hyderabad - 500062
 Andhra Pradesh

 Tel +91-984-97-70666
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Future Energy formerly a division of Solar Electric and Engineering Works holds 25 years of rich experience in Alternative Energy with project experience throughout India.

At Future Energy, we design, engineer, sell, install, and maintain professional quality Solar Charge Controllers, Solar Power Conditioning Units, Sine Wave Inverters, Hybrid Solar Inverters, Solar Energy Systems,Wind Turbines, Solar-Wind Hybrid Power Systems for residential, commercial and industrial use

Our mission is to enable a common man to generate power by installing Solar panel on the roof of his house and sell the power to the Government. We want every person to benefit from electricity directly from the Sun.

We supply well designed, reliable, independent, off-grid and on-grid solar, wind power and hybrid systems.
Our company's core philosophy is based around quality of products, quality of service and quality of life.

Future Energy has a team of highly qualified and competent professionals that are headed by an experienced management.

Our dynamic, highly-skilled and enthusiastic team, work really hard to maintain excellence in the services we deliver. We are a highly motivated team, focused on ensuring that every engagement meets the needs of our principles